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CCD is not the Name of an Organization, Who serves the Christian Kids around Pakistan; it is a Name of Relationship, Care, Love and Humanity. When I was a kid and used to study in the Local School, I always thought about my Parent that where from my parent get money to pay my Fee and other expenses, even all other two brothers of mine used to study in the same school, because I belong to a middle class family. But my parent always struggled about that I could feel the trouble. Due to over expenses my other brother could not complete their study, but I was youngest , therefore my parent wanted me to study at least high school, I wanted to study further but couldnít . This is a great privilege for me to serve our Christian Community living in Pakistan through my NGO; CCD wants to provide quality education, shelter, clothing, feeding, and medical treatment to kids. CCD has a group of Devoted and saved young people. They are passionate to serve their community. I know there are so many societies working on a very project and trying to serve but I know one think about our society that we want to create relationship of love, care, and humanity with our Christian kids. CCD wants to make the future bright for our kids. As a Chairman of CCD, I feel honor and concession. I have a mega project for kids. Its Angles Educational trust. Where we can make Angles. We thankful of Lord Jesus Christ for everything which He has done for us and doing great things for our society. CCD is a society of Believers and saved people. Last but not the least we want to serve our Christian community by heart and soul, and we are also doing so, As a Chairman of CCD I want all the people who want to contribute in the service of Christian kids living in Pakistan, they can easily make a contact with us. Your single penny means a lot for us. May Lord Jesus Christ Bless you.

Kind Regards.
Chairman CCD
Sajid Shujah

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